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Why Are Fats So Important for Athletes?

Have you ever wanted to make your athlete faster, be more protected, and add amazing energy to their diet?

Then adding fats to their diet is the way to go!

Do you know what would happen if your athlete didn’t get fats in their diets?

It’d be a disaster!

They wouldn’t be able to retain information, they’d have a serious loss of energy, and all of the skills they learn at practice would be wasted.

Read on to learn more…

Fats play a critical role in brain function.

When an athlete learns a skill, either in practice or in school, the body lays down fats over the nervous system pathway in order to protect, and make permanent what they’ve learned. Without this laying down of fats, our young athlete would not be able to repeat this process and what they learned would be completely wasted.

It can also help to make this nerve connection faster and the more fat that is laid down over the nerve, the faster that impulse becomes.

So practice, with a diet of good fat, makes permanent, and fast!

Fats are also critical in forming and repairing cells. The walls of cells are made up of fats. Without this fat, anything would be able to get into individual cells. These fatty cell membranes act as protectors of the cells.

Fat Soluble Vitamin Uptake

Fat is critical in absorbing fat soluble vitamins like vitamins A, S, E, K.

So the next time you hear on the news or in a commercial how bad fat is for you, just remember, without fat, our bodies couldn’t survive.

How Much Fat Do Athletes Need?

The recommended daily fat intake for athletes according to the American Dietetic Association is 20-25% of total calories. Make sure your athletes are getting this in their diet and don’t try to restrict fat especially good fats.

What are some examples of food with good fats in them?

  • Salmon
  • Avocado
  • Tree nuts
  • Seeds
  • Vegetables
  • Tuna, halibut, sardines, etc.

So make sure these fats are available to your young athlete everyday in their diet…it’s critical!

In our program, we include these components in the everyday plan so your athlete can be protected. To find out more, click here..