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The Breakfast Experience

Breakfast is a tough one, and we’re all so busy!

As adults, we barely get enough sleep as it is. Then we have to wake up early and make our athletes breakfast?

And, what should they eat in the morning. Cereal? Quick cook pastries? It’s so confusing!

I totally get this, because this is exactly where I was before I started doing this nutrition thing. I’d wake up late, I’d be tired, and then I wouldn’t have a clue what to do. And the reason I didn’t know what to do was because I didn’t have a plan in place. I didn’t know what to give my athlete, and I was planning to fail.

Breakfast Fast Tip

So here’s the important take away for giving your athletes a great breakfast.

Number one, your athlete has to eat like a king or queen. They just spent at least eight hours fasting and now they should be famished. They should want to have an amazing breakfast. Especially if they spent the last night at practice, or the game, working as hard as they could. Their bodies arc craving great nutrition.

Quick Tip

If your athlete is waking up in the morning and their not hungry, and they’ve been working hard, one of the main issues could be they’re dehydrated. Find out how much liquid their getting through the day.

Every morning they should be having muscle building protein, amazing carbohydrates, and Omega fatty acids.

A perfect example of this would be eggs, potatoes, and a big glass of orange juice. The eggs contain protein and Omega fatty acids, the potatoes contain great carbohydrates, and the orange juice also has carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals to get them through the day.

Another example would be oatmeal. Oatmeal is one of those foods that contains all of those things in one amazing meal. And, I like to add apples, bananas, or mangoes to the oatmeal in the morning for my children so they get that extra great source of vitamins and minerals.

Why We Did It

Breakfast is actually one of the main reasons that I started Stay Fueled to begin with. I woke up late one morning and I had to get my son ready for school. My job was to make breakfast and I just opened up the fridge and stared. I didn’t have a plan in place to make sure that my athlete had what he needed to be successful.

If you’ve done this before and you know that you can give you a young athlete better and you can give them the things that they need to succeed, get started today with Stay Fueled today.

We do all the hard work for you. We’ve planned out breakfast, midmorning snack, lunch, pre-workout snack, mid-workout snack, and dinner.

We want you to succeed and we’ve made it easy for you We can’t wait to see what your and your athlete can do when you keep them fueled.

Click the Get Started Today button and start seeing amazing results!

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