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SF 0007: My Athlete Eats Too Many Desserts

My Athlete Eats Too Many Desserts

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The Question:

My athlete wants to eat dessert 2-3 times per day. Is this good for her? She doesn’t struggle with weight gain now, but what if she does in the future?

The Answer:

Hey there and welcome back to the Stay Fueled Podcast! My name is Dr. Joshua Eldridge, the founder of Stay Fueled. And I am excited to bring you another question from a parent that’s submitted a question for the podcast and this one comes from Christy. And what Christy says is, “My athlete wants to eat dessert two to three times per day. What if she has weight gain in the future or what if she starts to gain weight as she gets older even if she doesn’t struggle with weight now?”

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As A Parent, Will I Gain Weight Eating All of The Food in Stay Fueled?


At the last nutrition seminar I gave, I got a great question: “As a parent, will I gain weight eating all of the food found in Stay Fueled.”

What a great question!!!

It would seem that eating frequently would cause you to gain weight. But the truth is, when we eat frequent meals, it’s actually much healthier for you. It helps to improve your metabolism, and create an incredible routine for your body.

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