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SF 0015: I Want My Athlete to Eat AND Sleep Well

I Want My Athlete to Eat AND Sleep Well

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The Question:

A major issue for me is ensuring my athlete eats and sleeps well…how does he do this?

The Answer:

Welcome back to the Stay Fueled Podcast! My name is Dr. Joshua Eldridge, the founder of Stay Fueled. Today, we have a question from Kathy. And what Kathy says, “A major issue for me is ensuring my athlete eats and sleeps well.”

Yeah. It’s a pretty generic question, but it’s a great question because we all want to make sure our athletes are getting the rest they need and the proper nutrition.

So here’s the deal. If you want great nutrition in your life, there’s two parts to this. Number one, plan. Plan out what is best for your young athlete. So make sure they’re getting consistent meals throughout the day. Each meal should be about two hours apart. We’re going breakfast, midmorning snack, lunch, pre-workout snack, during workout snack and dinner, and make it consistent every day because they’re going to have to recover, they’re going to have to build new muscle, they’re going to have to get their energy requirements for that day’s practice. So the key to this is planning and consistency. And that’s all there is to it.

Stay Fueled helps you get there because we’ve taken care of the planning for you. Then what you do is you take those menus, those recipes and those shopping lists and you implement them and bring great nutrition to your young athlete’s life.

The second thing is rest. When it comes to sleep and rest, these things are critical. And they’re two different things; sleep and rest. I don’t know if you knew that or not, but in our three-part series on recovery, we get into rest and sleep and what each athlete needs and what they can be doing during those off days where they can get rest, but still stay active and motivated and increase their performance.

So that’s in our three-part series on recovery. You can get that over at Just sign up for our email newsletter and that gets emailed right to your inbox so that you can follow along with that. There’s videos and you can see our presentation on recovery and we’ve broken that down into three sessions. And it’s amazing information that I’ve taken through my experience working with Olympic athletes, with some of the people that we’ve done other podcasts with and what they recommend, but these are all people that are at the elite level of sport and have worked with Olympians and understand what it takes for athletes to recover. So make sure you check that out. Head over to our site at and sign up for our newsletter.

The other thing, if you have a question just like Kathy did, no matter what it is, even if you think, “Oh man! This is probably too simple or I’m just confused,” just head on over to our site at On the right hand side, there’s a place where you can leave a voicemail message and we’ll feature it right here on because we want you to know more about nutrition. We want you to be educated. We want you to give your athletes amazing nutrition so that they’re protected and they’re able to increase their performance in their sport.

So thank you again. I’m excited that you’ve been here and that you’re excited about nutrition and about taking care of your young athlete.

My name is Dr. Joshua Eldridge. I’m the founder of Stay Fueled. And this has been the Stay Fueled Podcast. We’re going to see you next time. Have an awesome day! And keep working hard and take care of those young athletes and give them what they need, which is great nutrition and consistency. We’ll see you next time..