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SF 0010: Nutrition for Two-A-Day Workouts

Nutrition for Two-A-Day Workouts

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The Question:

My athlete is a picky eater who has two-a-day workouts, 8-10 am and 2-5 pm. What is best for refueling mid-day?

The Answer:

Hey there! Welcome back to the Stay Fueled Podcast! My name is Dr. Joshua Eldridge and I’m excited to bring you another parent question. And this one’s from Shira and what she says is, “My athlete is a very picky eater…” We covered picky eaters – this is a little side note – in Stay Fueled Podcast #8. So if you have time to head on back, listen to #8, listen to what we have to say about picky eaters. That was another question before. So we’re going to kind of skip over the picky eater part because we’ve already covered that in Stay Fueled #8.

“…who has two-a-day workouts at 8:00 to 10:00 AM and 2:00 to 5:00 PM. What is the best for refueling midday for my athlete?” And that’s a great question and I think this kind of goes back to a little bit more than this. I’m going to head back to what they’re going to have before their first practice. Now, we have to remember, we have some athletes out there that are on the elite track. So they’re not just going to school and then doing high school. They’re doing elite athletics and that gets intense. But you can learn a lot from these young athletes because they’re walking the line of being champions and the overtraining syndrome. So things like this become very, very important. What meals do we have and when, especially when they’re doing two-a-day workouts at 10, 11, 12, 13 years of age, which is kind of crazy to think. I could barely walk at 10. So it’s awesome that these young athletes are at level already.

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