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Is Milk Good for Your Young Athlete?

We get asked all the time if milk is good for young athletes? My response goes like this, “Is milk optimal for your young athlete?”

At Stay Fueled, we promote whole food nutrition, and eating from the rainbow. By this statement, we mean eating all of the amazing fruits, vegetables, nuts, and proteins that come from the earth in many different colors. We want your athlete to have a variety of quality whole food that has not been processed, or if processed, minimally so.

In milk, we look at getting two important nutrients: calcium and potassium. There are many other foods that contain more optimal sources of calcium and potassium.

A great way to get calcium is through green leafy vegetables and tree nuts.

Optimal potassium can be found in bananas and sweet potatoes.

If an athlete is running from practice to school and doesn’t have the chance to get a whole food meal, chocolate milk might be a good choice to make sure they are getting the nutrients they need to recover, but this isn’t the optimal source to get our nutrients. It would be optimal to see our young athletes getting a meal after practice that includes protein, carbs, and fat to optimize their recover. Sometimes this isn’t possible and we understand.

So the question comes back to, “Is milk good for you?” As long as your not sensitive or allergic to milk, it probably isn’t bad for you in small quantities, but milk is definitely not optimal for your young athletes.

At Stay Fueled, we want to optimize your young athletes nutrition. We’ve done this by creating weekly meal plans that take your nutrition to the next level by giving you whole food nutrition. Each day has amazing recipes and each week comes with a shopping list to make life easy for busy parents.

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