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Hydration Is Important for Athletes

How important in hydration for athletes?

I wouldn’t let an athlete participate in sports if they weren’t adequately hydrated. It’s just too dangerous.

Why invest time, money, and emotions into a sport for your athlete and then let them get injured for something as simple as hydration?

A dehydrated athlete loses eye control, mental control and physical control! We want you to protect your athlete, and it’s not as hard as you think.

Get your athlete a bottle they like to carry around, and make carrying the bottle around a habit.

So here’s an easy plan to help them get the hydration they need. For adults and older kids, we want them to have 4-5 gulps every hour their not in practice. Each gulp equals approximately 1 ounce. For¬†skeletal¬†immature athletes that are smaller, we’ll do 3-4 gulps every hour outside of practice.

During practice, for adults and older kids, it’s critical that they have 16 fluid ounces every hour of activity. The equals one regular water bottle. For our younger athletes, well do 12 fluid ounces every hour.

These are estimates and there are some exact calculations you can do, but we wanted to make this practical for you and your athletes.

Along with this increase in fluid intake, we want to make sure there are plenty of solids in their body. This is one of the reasons we suggest having 3 meals and 3 snacks every day. It gives the body what it needs to properly utilize the water you put into your body.

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