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SF 0027: Should I Snack During Practice?

When Should Your Athlete Snack During Practice?

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Is snacking during practice important? It can be vitally important, or it might not, but we need to know the best strategy for eating during practice.

Here’s some of the questions we answer:

  • What type of athletes should snack during practice?
  • What food types should athletes eat during practice?
  • What else can athletes do for energy during practice

We’re excited to have you here for another listener question!

Let us know if you have any questions at all for this episode. Just leave your question in the comment section below!

Enjoy today’s episode!.

  • Kris

    Please explain more details on the “carbohydrate drink” you recommended to have with fruit during a 3-4 hour workout. Is plain water ok? Do you recommend any protein with the fruit? Nuts?

  • Mimi

    Does an athletes age play a role in snacking? Should a 5 year old, practicing 3 hours have a snack break, for example. Would the same recommendation apply to a 10 year old?