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SF 0024: The Training Diet and It’s Requirements

The Training Diet and It’s Requirements

So what does it take for an athlete to thrive while training…and not just regular training, but training to be a champion?

That’s we we’re covering in today’s episode of the Stay Fueled Podcast.

This is Part 3 of a special series on the American Dietetic Association’s Position Paper on Athletes.

Are Athletes Special?


Athletes are in need of special diets in order to thrive. Did you know that? And, for our young athletes, they also have to succeed in school and home life.

We have to make sure they’re getting optimal nutrition everyday!

So listen to today’s episode to maximize your athletes training diet!.

  • Colleen Shelley Markham

    I don’t see the audio for this podcast–am I missing it?

    • Joshua Eldridge

      Great catch Colleen! Thanks!