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SF 0020: School Schedule and Nutrition…A Recipe for Disaster!

School Schedule and Nutrition…A Recipe for Disaster!


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The Question:

Do you work with schools because the nutrition schedule you recommend does not fit well with a standard school schedule?

The Answer:

All right! Welcome back to another Stay Fueled Podcast. My name is Dr. Joshua Eldridge and I am excited that you have joined us for another question from a parent. This one comes from Elizabeth. Elizabeth said, “Do you work with schools because the nutrition schedule you recommend does not fit well with the standard school schedule.”

Yeah, and you bet it doesn’t, Elizabeth, because this is what it takes to protect athletes and schools function on a government schedule. And the government doesn’t recommend eating every two hours. This isn’t what they do. They recommend having breakfast, lunch, dinner, and that’s good for them.

So yeah, we definitely work with parents and their school district to send out a letter that just says, “Hey, this is what we recommend.” I’m from Washington State. And so, a lot of my recommendations are only good here in Washington State. What you can do is take our form letter. Take it to your doctor. Have them copy that; that wording. And then, you can take it in to your school. And then that way, your athlete can have breakfast at home in the morning. They can have their midmorning snack, which is critical. Their lunch. And then they can have that pre-workout snack an hour to an hour-and-a-half before practice. And if you have a letter from your doctor, the school is going to be compelled to allow them to do that.

The other thing that it says in our form letters is that your athlete needs to be drinking from a water bottle all day long because it’s that important. So what I would recommend is that you take the letter to your pediatrician or to your sports doc. Have them copy it on their letterhead. Sign it. And then that way, you have someone from your state. Because that’s the way the medical community works, is you’re pretty much limited by state boundaries. But the concepts are true anywhere in the universe. So we have to protect our bodies. We have to give it water, we have to give it frequent fuel so that it recovers and it increases performance during that day’s practice or competition. So critical components to young athletes that are in school.

Now, if you need help with this, if you need help with creating a schedule like this and making sure your athlete is protected through nutrition and increases their performance through nutrition, we’ve taken care of all the planning for you. Planning is the most important phase of this nutrition idea. We got to make sure that the meals are planned properly. And then, as a parent, you take that planning, you go shopping, and then you prepare the meals. And that’s when it all comes together so that our athletes have the fuel that they need to succeed. So planning, buying, preparation. That’s your job as a parent. We take care of the biggest step, which is preparation. It takes a ton of time and sometimes it might be difficult to figure out what your athlete needs. We take care of that for you.

So that’s what Stay Fueled is. And we’re excited to bring it to you because we want to see your athletes protected. My name is Dr. Joshua Eldridge, founder of Stay Fueled. I’m very excited that you’re excited about protecting your athletes through nutrition.

This has been the Stay Fueled Podcast. If you have a question for us, make sure you head over to our site. On the right hand side, there’s a place where you can leave a voicemail and leave us a message just like Elizabeth did and you can be featured right here on the Stay Fueled Podcast.

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So once again, I thank you guys for joining us. I’m excited that you’re here. I’m excited that you’re taking care of your athletes through nutrition. And we’re going to see you next time on the Stay Fueled Podcast. Have an awesome day!.