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SF 0013: Can Injuries Be Caused by Nutrition?

Can Injuries Be Caused by Nutrition?


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The Question:

After listening to your 3 part series on Recovery, I didn’t realize all that was involved with my athletes body. Do you think her constant injuries are being caused by nutrition?

The Answer:

All right! Welcome back to the Stay Fueled Podcast! My name is Dr. Joshua Eldridge, the founder of Stay Fueled. Today, we have a question from Vicky, and what Vicky says is, “After listening to your three-part series and watching your three-part series on recovery, I didn’t realize all that was involved with my athlete’s body and what they’re doing during workouts. Do you think her constant injuries are being caused by nutrition and not recovering?”

You know what? Vicky, this really makes me sad to say, but yeah, I think that a lot of this can be coming from not getting what they need nutritionally. One of the things that we see when athletes aren’t getting their nutritional requirements met is things like overuse injuries, shin splints and other types of stress fractures in their body. Back pain, shoulder pain, muscles that just don’t recover. They’re sore all the time. Fatigue, bad attitude, even depression, trouble sleeping. Just things that we get into that are just rotten that I don’t want for my young kids. So I don’t want them to have to go through that stuff just because I don’t want to provide the right things for them nutritionally. It sounds a little rough, but you know what? It can happen. We all make mistakes when it comes to parenting, but now we have a chance to fix it. And that’s the cool thing about this, is it’s never too late to start implementing proper nutrition in your family’s life to protect them and let them become great athletes and great students in school.

So Stay Fueled does that for you. We take care of all the planning for you. One of the biggest problems with nutrition is planning out the whole thing because it just becomes overwhelming. I know for me it was. One morning, I woke up – and this is what started Stay Fueled in the first place – is one morning I woke up. And being a dude, being a guy, I opened up the fridge and I just stared in there for like 20 minutes and I had no clue what to pick. There were avocadoes, there were eggs, there was orange juice. All the ingredients were there. I didn’t have a plan in place to start implementing it to protect my son.

And so, I think what he ended up going to school with was a piece of toast. And I felt like crap the whole entire day because I didn’t provide for my son the way that I should have, and I talk about nutrition all the time. So three years ago, I decided, you know what? It’s time to make a change in nutrition in my family’s life and I know that if I’m struggling with this, there are so many other people out there that are struggling with it too. And that’s what we do, is we just help you plan so that you have a plan of action. And when we plan, it becomes a priority in our life. So we have the plan for you. You just need to go and shop. Get the things in your house. You can cross off some of the stuff if you already have it in your cupboard. And then you can go to the store and pick up the things you need. It’s going to be quick because you have everything right there. Then you’re going to come home and you’re going to prepare the meals. And that’s the easy and fun part because you can even make it a family activity.

So that’s what Stay Fueled does for you and that’s why I started doing Stay Fueled and why I brought it about; because I’m passionate about protecting our athletes and making sure they have what they need to succeed and stay safe.

So if you have a question just like Vicky did, make sure you head over to our site at On the right hand side, there’s a place where you can leave a voicemail message, and we’ll feature your question right here on the Stay Fueled Podcast. The other thing is make sure while you’re there, you get our three-part series on recovery. Recovery is essential for your athlete to make sure that they’re staying injury-free, and a big part of that is nutrition. We’re going to go through exactly what athletes need to be eating every day to be protected.

So thank you again for joining us. My name is Dr. Joshua Eldridge, the founder of Stay Fueled, and this has been the Stay Fueled Podcast. We’re going to see you next time. Thanks for joining us. Have an awesome day!