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SF 0009: I Don’t Have The Time to Shop and Prepare

I Don’t Have The Time to Shop and Prepare

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The Question:

The biggest problem is having the time to shop and cook nutritious meals. Working full time makes it very difficult to get it done.

The Answer:

Hey there again! Welcome to the Stay Fueled Podcast! My name is Dr. Joshua Eldridge, the founder of Stay Fueled. And today we have a question from Molly, and Molly asked, “The biggest problem I’m having with nutrition is having no time to shop and cook nutritious meals. Working full time makes it very difficult to get it done.”

Wow! That’s a good one because I know that some of you guys are out there and you’re in a relationship where both of you guys are working and you’re working hard to provide for your family. Now, I completely understand that and I understand what it’s like to have to work hard and bring in that money to pay for your house and to pay for food and to allow your young athletes to be able to do the things that they love. Hey, I completely get that and I understand. I’m right there in the same boat with you. My wife is a gymnastics coach so there’s times when it’s really tough to provide great nutrition for our young athletes and our young children here at home. I completely understand that.

One of the things, who can cook in your house? So there’s a whole bunch of different people that can cook and can go do the shopping as long as it’s been planned for them. And that’s kind of what we do at Stay Fueled, is we provide menus and shopping lists for your family so that they can have everything they need to get that into their life.

Now maybe here’s some strategies for you as a family. Maybe on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, maybe one of your young daughters cooks breakfast or we make it something simple like oatmeal. And you just take those days out of Stay Fueled that have their own shopping list that’s something like the oatmeal that they can do consistently.

Now, we try to really give you a lot of variety with Stay Fueled, but you can also use certain days and use those over and over again because it’s simple and it’s simplified, but it still gives you amazing nutrition. Like when you’re talking about steel-cut oats or even old-fashioned oatmeal that takes about five minutes to cook, hey, almost anyone can do that as long as you teach them how to properly cook that food and how to be safe in the kitchen.

So maybe that’s something that you can do with the most important meal of the day, which is breakfast. Make sure your family is starting out with that. Maybe assign that to your different athletes throughout the house. They might have to get up 10 minutes early on those days.

The other thing is how can we make it easier for them? And that’s pick out, like we said before, in our menus, pick out some of our slow cooker recipes. So maybe you’re making it before you leave for work, you just throw all the ingredients in the slow cooker and turn it on. That’s another great thing that you can do at home, and I know that a lot of our parents implement this.

Now, I did have one parent that came to me and said, “Hey, Dr. Josh, we love Stay Fueled. And this is what we do. We go shopping on Saturday. And then on Sunday, we spend the day – we spend a couple of hours cooking all the meals for our week on Sunday.” And the reason why they do this – and I was so proud of them – the reason why they do this is because they’re making nutrition a priority.

And that’s what it comes down to at the base level, is how important is nutrition to you and your family. Is it enough to sacrifice maybe lounging on the couch on Sunday afternoon? Man, that’s a tough choice to make because I know you’re tired and you’ve worked hard all week. But this is a way that we can give our athletes great nutrition. We prepare them meals on Sunday, and then we stick them in the freezer and they’re ready to go. All we have to do is heat them up during the week.

So that’s an option for you. Like I said, I was so excited. I think that was Trisha that brought that to me and I was just so excited that she did that and that she sent that to us and said that that’s what she’s doing. What a great idea. And that definitely takes a little extra work, some extra time on Sunday, but I know their athletes are getting everything they need to be prepared and to take their game to the next level and be protected.

So that’s very exciting, a couple of great strategies that you can implement into your life. So one is divvy out the responsibility to the different family members. Do the slow cooker meals for dinner or prepare all the meals ahead of time.

So the other thing that we have in Stay Fueled is archive; archives of past weeks. So let’s say if you had to do two or three weeks at one time, you just take a Saturday night. And that’s what you do, is cook your meals for the next two or three weeks. You could do that too if that’s something that you need to do.

So that’s why Stay Fueled is just so flexible. It lets you do a whole bunch of different things with it and I’m excited that I was able to develop that for our community of parents that are busy and have young athletes.

So if you have a question just like Molly did, head on over to And on the right hand side, there’s a place where you can leave a voicemail for us and we’re going to feature it right here on the Stay Fueled Podcast and I’m going to be excited to do that. I thank you for submitting your questions.

The other thing you need to do is make sure you head on over there to the site and sign up for our three-part series on recovery. Recovery is essential for your young athlete, and a big part of that is nutrition. So you’re going to find out the different ways and the different meals that you need to be having every day for your young athletes so that they’re prepared not only for school, but also for increasing their performance in the gym, at track, on the field.

My name is Dr. Joshua Eldridge. Thank you so much for coming today. This has been the Stay Fueled Podcast and we’re going to see you next time right here. Have an awesome day!.