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SF 0002: Post Workout Meal

Post Workout Meal

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The Question:

When should we be getting our post workout meal or snack and what should it include?

The Answer:

Hello again and welcome back to the Stay Fueled Podcast! This is Dr. Joshua Eldridge and this is Episode #2 and we’re jumping right into the content. Today, we have a question from Stacey and her question is, “When should we be getting our post-workout meal or snack and what should it include?”

Great question, Stacey. Here’s the deal for our athletes. Our athletes, in order to recover properly, need to make sure that they’re getting their post-workout meal or snack within one to one-and-a-half hours after practice. But – there’s a big but right here – it’s important to make sure it happens as quickly as possible. So if we can get it in in the first 10 minutes after practice, that’s going to be even more optimal than waiting 40 minutes. So we want to have it as quickly as possible.

Now, what should that post-workout meal contain?

Just like all of our meals that we want our athletes to have, it’s got to include protein, carbs and fats. So proteins to help the body recover and build back those muscles that have been injured and broken down during workouts.

Carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are essential for our young athletes, especially in the post-workout meal, because we have to replace the energy stores that have been lost. So we’ve got to make sure it contains great carbohydrates, and of course fats.

And we’re talking about those good fats. Those Omega fatty acids that are found in things like salmon and some vegetables and nuts and seeds. That’s where we want our athletes getting their fats from and their diet should be somewhere between 20% to 25% of fats. And that’s really critical because of our young athletes are also going to school and developing their brains and the brain needs fats to develop and to cement those processes that they’ve been learning in school and in practice.

So that’s kind of what we’re doing for our post-workout meal. An example, a great example would be salmon. Salmon fillets with sweet potatoes and broccoli. Oh man! That would be an amazing dinner and a great example of a post-workout meal.

Now here’s the deal. A lot of our athletes, they have to drive over an hour to get to practice or to get home after practice. So here’s the deal. There’s a couple of options when our athletes are going over that hour mark, and waiting an hour-and-a-half is just too long for our young athletes. They need it within that hour timeframe. Even though studies say you can wait longer, I just think that the quicker we get it in them, the better.

So here’s a couple of options that you can do. Number one, bring dinner with you. So bring dinner to your athlete. When you pick them up, already have that dinner ready. And most gyms are going to have a microwave that you can toss it in if you need to and if it’s not warm. If you brought it earlier in the day because you had to drive the hour too, that’s fine. Just pop it in the microwave and it can be warmed for them.

The other thing you could do is use something like a yoghurt, a Greek yoghurt, or chocolate milk to hold them over until they get home. Have them take that chocolate milk or yoghurt right away. And then, once they get home, have dinner. But remember, that chocolate milk or that yoghurt, never supplements dinner. So we don’t want that taking the place of dinner. We still want them having that great quality dinner once they get home.

So that’s our deal with our post-workout meal. We want to make sure they’re getting great food into their bodies, utilizing superfoods and recovering like champions.

So this has been brought to you by Stay Fueled. Stay Fueled takes care of your planning for you and takes care of your menu planning for your family and your young athletes, giving them the optimal food so that they can become champions in their sport and in school and meet those needs that they have nutritionally.

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So the other thing; if you have a question for us – today’s question was from Stacey. So if you have a question like Stacey had about when we should be getting our meals, our post-workout snacks, or any question that you have nutritionally, you can head on over to Stay Fueled, and on the right hand side there’s a place where you can leave a voicemail. And I would love to hear from you and I would love to answer your question and highlight it right here on the Stay Fueled Podcast.

Once again, this has been Dr. Joshua Eldridge with Stay Fueled. Thank you for joining us. Thank you for taking an interest in your young athlete’s health and their nutrition and making sure that they stay healthy. So we’ll see you next time on the Stay Fueled Podcast..