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SF 0001: Introduction

Welcome to the Stay Fueled Podcast!

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In this episode, we introduce the Stay Fueled Podcast! Find out what it’s about and how nutrition can protect your young athlete from injury, and increase their performance in sport!

Episode 1 Transcript…WELCOME!

Hello and welcome to the Stay Fueled Podcast. My name is Dr. Joshua Eldridge. I am the founder of Stay Fueled. I am excited to have you onboard as part of our team. You know what? The Stay Fueled Podcast is a daily podcast that we’re putting together for you as parents. It’s going to be Monday to Friday and we’re putting together information about nutrition from parents just like you that have submitted questions to us over time. We work with a lot of athletes and we get tons of questions about nutrition. And what we wanted to do is we want to share that information with you so that our whole community can be more informed and can help out their athletes through nutrition.

So the parents that have submitted questions are parents just like you that have athletes in the trenches working hard every day on school, on athletics, on growing; all the things that our young athletes do as they try to maneuver through these first years of their life and starting to take that journey with athletics. But we want to make sure that they’re staying protected, that they’re staying healthy, and that’s what Stay Fueled is all about.

So you might be asking yourself, “What is Stay Fueled?” Well, Stay Fueled is a menu planning service that I developed especially for families that have young athletes. Young athletes have some very special needs and I just see all the time that these nutrition, these nutritional needs, are just not being met. And so, we put together a Monday through Friday menu that includes delicious recipes and what we’ve done is tied it altogether with a shopping list so that you don’t have to do any of the planning anymore. It’s already done for you. All you have to do is go to your cupboard and mark off those things you already have, and then head to the grocery store. Quickly pick up the things that you need for the week and you can be ready to make sure that your athletes have everything they need for the whole entire week. That’s what Stay Fueled is all about.

And when our athletes are properly fueled, we see them get injured less and we see their performance soar. And that’s always been my goal with Stay Fueled, is to make sure we protect young athletes.

Now, if you have a question for Stay Fueled that you want me to answer right here on the podcast, make sure you head over to And on the right hand side of the page, there’s a box that you can click on that will let you leave a voicemail for me, and I would love to answer your question right here on the Stay Fueled Podcast. Most of these first questions that we have have been emailed in, but I’d like to see you guys leave a voicemail; one that can be featured right here on the podcast.

The other thing I’d love for you to do is head on over to our site at and sign up for our email newsletter and get our three-part series on recovery. Recovery is one of the most important things that our athletes can do to help decrease the chance for injury and increase their performance, and a big part of that is nutrition.

So head on over there, get that three-part series on recovery and get a sample of our Stay Fueled Plan so that you can see how easy it is to implement great nutrition in your family’s life. So I look forward, Monday through Friday, having these podcasts available for you, answering questions about nutrition for your family and your young athletes.

So thanks again for joining us on the Stay Fueled Podcast. I’m looking forward to this and I’m so excited that you’ve joined us because it means you’re excited about bringing amazing nutrition and health to your young athletes and your family.

This is Dr. Joshua Eldridge with Stay Fueled and we’ll see you next time right here on the Stay Fueled Podcast..