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My Kid Is Too Picky to Eat Healthy


Every day I hear, my kid is too picky to eat healthy. As parents, what are we to do with our child that doesn’t get the important nutrients into their life.

We still have to give them the option of eating healthy food, but at the same time, we need to sneak this nutrition into the life. As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that your young athlete has healthy food in the house.

We can’t have a house that is stocked full of junk food and expect our young athletes to eat healthy. You have to supply food that is healthy in order for your athlete to eat healthy.

So here comes the most important thing that you can do while you’re young athlete learns to like delicious, nutritious food: Sneak it into their life….yep, that’s right, sneaking it in there!

In our house, we like to use yogi drinks. Delicious smoothies made from greek yogurt, frozen fruits, and frozen vegetables. They’re getting everything they need, but in a delicious form that they’ll never even suspect has broccoli, spinach, tomatoes and other amazing vegetables.

So while your young athlete learns to love the amazing things you’re cooking for them (and be patient, because it can take up to 17 times before your young athlete will even begin to tolerate a food) sneak in the nutrients they need with a frozen smoothie. They might even say they love it and want more!

One of our families started using Stay Fueled about 3 months ago, and the athlete came up to me the other day in the gym and said, “Dr. Josh, I am so excited because I had broccoli last night and I liked it!” How exciting is this! And, she’s  a very picky eater. So if she can change, your young athlete can change too.

Offer the right foods in your house, and see the amazing things your young athlete will do when they are properly fueled!

Is your kid to picky to eat healthy?