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How It Works

Great Nutrition for Your Family, Peace of Mind for You, Easy Implementation to Get Started Today

It’s so difficult to be a parent. You have so much going on and so many activities to attend to.

Making sure your children stay healthy is by far the number one priority, but it’s difficult to know what is right and what is wrong when it comes to their health.

Feeding your kids is important, getting the right nutrients so they can succeed in school and sports….this is CRITICAL.

“With Stay Fueled, I was getting my pre-workout snack before every practice and it’s made an amazing difference in my workouts. I have energy for the whole day, and I’ve been recovering so much faster. I’m no longer tired in school! Thanks Stay Fueled!”

If you’re ready to get started with Stay Fueled, click here and get great nutrition and peace of mind today!

Stay Fueled helps you give your family amazing nutrition. Say goodbye to feeling down about what your feeding your family, and hello to a happy and healthy family!

Weekly Plan with Meals That Every Athlete Needs Including Breakfast, Mid-Morning Snack, Lunch, Pre-Workout Snack, Mid-Workout Snack, and Dinner.

Easy to Use Shopping List to Simplify Your Planning So You Save Time And Get Exactly What You Need.

Only The Best Meals, Delicious in Taste, Packed Full of Great Nutrition, And Incredibly Simple to Make.

The American Dietetic Association, Dietitians of Canada, and the American College of Sports Medicine recommend your athletes eat frequently, hydrate often, AND EAT WHOLE FOOD NUTRITION, just like what is found in Stay Fueled.

“We can’t believe how much more energy our gymnast has. Stay Fueled has given her more an edge and we’ve only been using the program for a month. Each week her energy increases and her attitude is great!”

Join our amazing tribe of parents who are excited about bringing amazing nutrition and peace of mind to themselves!

Get Started with Great Nutrition TODAY!

If you were to plan out 6 meals a day and a shopping list, it would take approximately 2+ hours a week, 8+ hours a month, 100+ hours a year. For less than a cappuccino a week, Stay Fueled gives you the meal plan, delicious recipes, and an easy to use shopping list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we trust you with our family’s nutrition?

Dr. Joshua Eldridge has been working exclusively with high-level athletes over the past few years. He’s seen the devastation of young athletes because they refused to eat in a way that protects them from injury. He started implementing easy to use whole food nutrition with his athletes and has seen them not only protect themselves with nutrition, but when implemented right, has seen athletes develop into some of the best college and professional athletes in the nation.

How often do we get meal plans?

Meal plans are delivered each week, at the end of the week, so you can shop over the weekend for the next week.

Why do you promote whole food nutrition?

At Stay Fueled, we think whole food nutrition is the best way to protect our young athletes. Young bodies have the ability to process whole foods in a way that makes them stronger, healthier, and have a better attitude. Great input equals great output.

Why do you want our family to eat so many meals?

It’s been shown by the American Dietetic Association and the American College of Sports Medicine that eating frequently helps athletes recover faster and gives them more energy so they can perform at a higher, more protected level. The body never feels as if it needs to store energy because it always has readily available energy available, therefore making your athlete more fit.

As a parent, should I be eating this much food?

Each and every individual will be different.  As a parent, you probably aren’t working out as many hours as your athlete. You can eat the same meals as your athlete in Stay Fueled; just remember portion control.  At Stay Fueled, we know that when you eat the right food, in the right amount, exercise, and get plenty of rest, your body will be at it’s optimal level to succeed in ways you never before thought possible..

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  • Michelle

    do you provide vegetarian meal plans? How many people do the plans provide for?

    • Joshua Eldridge

      We don’t have specific vegetarian plans….there are vegetarian meals though…hope this helps!