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SF 0002: Post Workout Meal

Post Workout Meal

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The Question:

When should we be getting our post workout meal or snack and what should it include?

The Answer:

Hello again and welcome back to the Stay Fueled Podcast! This is Dr. Joshua Eldridge and this is Episode #2 and we’re jumping right into the content. Today, we have a question from Stacey and her question is, “When should we be getting our post-workout meal or snack and what should it include?”

Great question, Stacey. Here’s the deal for our athletes. Our athletes, in order to recover properly, need to make sure that they’re getting their post-workout meal or snack within one to one-and-a-half hours after practice. But – there’s a big but right here – it’s important to make sure it happens as quickly as possible. So if we can get it in in the first 10 minutes after practice, that’s going to be even more optimal than waiting 40 minutes. So we want to have it as quickly as possible.

Now, what should that post-workout meal contain?

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SF 0001: Introduction

Welcome to the Stay Fueled Podcast!

Get our 3 part series on Recovery…just click here!

In this episode, we introduce the Stay Fueled Podcast! Find out what it’s about and how nutrition can protect your young athlete from injury, and increase their performance in sport!

Episode 1 Transcript…WELCOME!

Hello and welcome to the Stay Fueled Podcast. My name is Dr. Joshua Eldridge. I am the founder of Stay Fueled. I am excited to have you onboard as part of our team. You know what? The Stay Fueled Podcast is a daily podcast that we’re putting together for you as parents. It’s going to be Monday to Friday and we’re putting together information about nutrition from parents just like you that have submitted questions to us over time. We work with a lot of athletes and we get tons of questions about nutrition. And what we wanted to do is we want to share that information with you so that our whole community can be more informed and can help out their athletes through nutrition.

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