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Top 10 Ways to Defeat Decision Fatigue with Nutrition

At Stay Fueled, usually we’re giving you amazing advice on what’s the best source of calcium, easy ways to get your athlete involved in nutrition, or even how to become a top 1% athlete with nutrition.

But today, we’re giving you some practical advice on how to combat decision fatigue when it comes to nutrition.

As a parent of an athlete, you have to make 1000′s of decisions every day. And some of them can be intense!

So by the time we get to what our kids are going to be eating every day, some of our choices are hurt by decision fatigue…so let’s get into some ways to get practical about giving your young athletes the best nutrition possible!

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Why Are Fats So Important for Athletes?

Have you ever wanted to make your athlete faster, be more protected, and add amazing energy to their diet?

Then adding fats to their diet is the way to go!

Do you know what would happen if your athlete didn’t get fats in their diets?

It’d be a disaster!

They wouldn’t be able to retain information, they’d have a serious loss of energy, and all of the skills they learn at practice would be wasted.

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