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Are You A Top 1% Athlete?

What puts you in the special category of the top 1% of nutrition and athleticism?

The great athletes know that all athleticism starts with an incredible base layer of nutrition. This is where great athletes start and end.

Nutrition is the foundation and this is what is built upon it:


Proper nutrition allows your muscles to become stronger and more pliable. After practice, and throughout the next day, the body needs protein and carbohydrates in order to build muscles. Giving the body the building blocks allows your athlete to become all they were meant to be.

Don’t waste their hard work by giving them less than the best nutrition available.

Mental Advantage

Optimal nutrition allows you to cement processes learned into amazing long term memory. If we don’t cement processes into our brain, the skills we’ve learned on that day will go to waste. Proper nutrition helps to cement skills and learning into actions that we can repeat quickly and easily.

Optimal nutrition also gives you the ability to think on your feet, giving you an edge over your struggling opponent. The brain needs readily available nutrients that if not present will make it very hard for your athlete to make critical decisions. It can also distract them making them at risk for injury.


Having the ability to recover quickly and get back to practice is THE trait that great athletes harness that lesser athletes can’t compete with. It takes rest and nutrition for athletes to be ready for their next practice. If they haven’t properly recovered, they cannot give all they need to give. If your athletes nutrition is lacking, this can slow their recovery and make them less likely to be ready for their next practice. This can also create a string of events called overtraining syndrome.

So How Do You Get Into The TOP 1%?

Nutrition takes work. Your athlete needs to have all of the proper nutrients in order to have strength, mental advantage, and the best recovery. It’s essential you plan their nutrition so they have everything they need to succeed.

This is where Stay Fueled has given you the advantage. We’ve designed optimal nutrition for your athletes, and it’s easy to put it into practice. Here’s how it works and the easy steps to get started:

  1. Sign up for Stay Fueled
  2. When you get your shopping list, take your athlete with you to the store and pick out your performance enhancing foods
  3. See your athlete succeed!

It’s really that simple! It takes the critical step of planning and makes it simple, because we’ve done it for you!

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Are you in the top 1% of athletes?