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What If I’m Not Hungry When I wake Up?

Regularly practicing athletes should be hungry and ready to eat again by the time morning arrives.

Many athletes complain that they are not hungry for breakfast when they wake up in the morning or they feel queasy at the thought of food.

99% of the time this is because an athlete is dehydrated. Once the athlete’s hydration has been corrected hunger will return in the morning like magic!

So how much liquid should an athlete be consuming?

Most studies stated that athletes should be drinking 16 fluid ounces of liquid while they’re working out and training!

  • 1 hour of practice = 16 fl oz
  • 2 hours of practice = 32 fl oz
  • 3 hours of practice = 48 fl oz
  • 4 hours of practice = 64 fl oz

And, as a general rule, you should drink about 3-4 fluid ounces every hour not in practice.  All you have to do is take 4-5 gulps every hour!  It’s that easy!

Fluid intake is one of the main factors in determining the strength, flexibility, and stamina of most athletes.

When they’re hydrated, they excel.  

When they’re dehydrated, you can see their performance decrease. 

Increase your liquid and you’ll see an incredible turn towards greatness in practice and games!.