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3 Easy Ways To Get Your Athlete Involved In Nutrition

My favorite thing to hear when I go into a gym is this, “Dr. Josh, I had broccoli last night and I loved it! I helped my mom cook dinner and we made your broccoli in week 5 and it was amazing!”

I have young athletes coming up to me all the time letting me know how excited they are that they’ve started to like healthy food.

So how do these athletes get so excited about food so fast?

Here’s my top three reasons:

  1. Shopping — When their parents go shopping, they take their athletes.
  2. Preparing — They help to prepare the meals they eat.
  3. Eating — They see how their new eating habits change the way the practice and compete.


One of the easiest ways to get your athlete involved in nutrition is take them shopping with you. Teach your athlete what great fruits and vegetables look like. Show them the difference between sugar cereal and a healthy cereal like Kashi. Explain to them why breads with great ingredients help increase their performance and white bread does little for them.

Then, allow them to pick out the items found on the Stay Fueled Shopping List.


When your children make their own food, they make it their meal. It no longer becomes the meal mom made, but rather it’s the meal I made. It gives them ownership of the meal and they will be much more likely to eat the ingredients in the meal.

My children even at broccoli the first time they did this!!!


We have to gently remind our athletes and students that they are eating for performance. If they want to run faster, lift heavier, move quicker, and keep their mind engaged, it all starts with the base layer of the food they eat. And our athletes have to remember that when they eat right and work hard in practice, their bodies will be exactly as they were intended to be, healthy and beautiful.

Last night, my son was so excited to have his picture in Stay Fueled. He created an amazing snack: Peanut butter toast, with a blueberry smiley face, and peanut butter cup nose. He didn’t ask us for help, he just made it himself! He owned the snack and he was excited to brag about what he had done. I don’t think I’d combine blueberries and peanut butter, but he did and he loved it. He combined great protein, fat, carbs, and a superfood.

Help your athletes take ownership of nutrition and make it their own! An easy way to help your family with nutrition is get started with Stay Fueled…get started today by clicking here.

Help your children get excited about nutrition!